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Dental Implants Dartford

Dental Implants is a modern cosmetic dental technique that can quite literally transform appearances and lives. Perhaps even your own life if you live in Dartford area and happen to be one of millions of people in the UK suffering from missing, crooked or damaged teeth.

This is because dental implants are so natural looking. And a major benefit of implant treatment is being able to replace one or more teeth without disturbing other teeth alongside.

If you are unhappy because your teeth are unattractive or painful there are now many options to help you achieve strong, healthy looking teeth and the smile you desire.

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The end result, after being treated by an experienced dental implant surgeon, is attractive teeth and a healthy smile. And for many, for the first time maybe ever in their lives, the confidence to radiate their wonderful new smile in public.

For many years we’ve been used to seeing celebrities with perfectly aligned and brilliantly white healthy teeth showing off their dazzling smiles. Maybe we even looked on a little enviously knowing only celebrities and the well off could afford to consider dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Thankfully, nowadays, due to the march of technology and distribution of skills, the same high quality dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatments are available locally if you happen to live in Dartford or surrounding areas.

In fact if you are a resident of the Dartford Borough trying to locate a dentist for cosmetic dental treatment, such as dental implants, we would like you to know about bexleyheath Dental Practice because we can certainly help. Our dental practice is conveniently close for anyone living in Dartford and we have developed a reputation for caring cosmetic dentistry.

Although results following implant work are potentially transformational, you’ll appreciate the techniques involved are highly skilled. And so choosing a dentist you can trust to undertake your dental implants procedure is worthy of your extreme care. You’ll surely want to be certain of finding a dental implant practitioner you can trust and who will be genuinely caring and sensitive to your individual needs during your treatment.

In the Borough of Dartford there are only a small number of dentists that are trained experts in this developing field and who have a special interest in dental implant work. And fortunately for anyone considering implants locally there is a leading dental implants surgery in bexleyheath, Kent.

Dr Hussein Shaffie is an established dental implant surgeon who originally qualified in Sweden and started practicing dentistry in the UK in 1998. Now he is the owner of a dental practice undertaking dental implants in bexleyheath and has spent many years studying and successfully completing implants for a great number of patients.

Dr Shaffie and his team already have many patients who travel to his surgery from local towns surrounding bexleyheath, including Dartford.

Although Dr Shaffie has a special interest in dental implants, bexleyheath Dental Practice boasts a team of highly skilled dentists offering routine cosmetic dental treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is very popular at the bexleyheath practice and as well as dental implants includes everything from fitting a dental bridge or dental bridges, dental crowns and invisible braces. Perhaps most popular of all is the application of dental veneers because they provide immediate impact and are often all that’s needed to achieve an attractive smile makeover.

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You can arrange a free dental implant consultancy which is a one-to-one private consultation giving you the opportunity to discuss in detail the best treatment option to suit you.

We hope you will look around our website where you can find quite a lot of useful general information. If you find there is something you would like to know that we haven’t answered just call us or, if you prefer, send us an email: practicemanager@bexleyheathdental.co.uk

At bexleyheath Dental Practice our goal for every patient we treat is ‘Excellence in Dental care’. We hope you will allow our dental team to provide you with our special care and expertise.

Please call us today if you think we can help you.

Travelling to Bexleyheath Dental from Dartford for dental implants

Bexleyheath itself is on the main road from Bexleyheath to Crook Log so is easy to find. It’s only a short distance from the main A2 so travelling to the practice by road from Dartford is quite straightforward. As an example, from Princes Road to Bexleyheath Dental is approximately 5.5 miles and the journey time by car depending on time of day and traffic is approximately only 15 minutes.


Travelling by rail Bexleyheath railway station is 0.4 miles walk away from the practice. There is a direct rail service between Dartford and Bexleyheath and the typical journey time is 11 mins.

Your rail journey can be planned using the link below:


There are a number of buses to Bexleyheath and the following link may be useful planning your journey:


Dartford is the principal town in the borough of Dartford lying 16 miles south east of central London.

Visiting bexleyheath - things you might like to know:

  • Local Shopping at ‘The Mall bexleyheath’
  • Nearest major shopping complex is Bluewater 9 miles away
  • Restaurants / coffee bars are plentiful in bexleyheath
  • Leisure activities include a bingo hall, Cineworld, reference library & ten pin bowling
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