A Few Questions About Dental Implants

Teeth are so important for general health with the loss of teeth quite often impairing one’s biting abilities to the point some people might need to change their eating habits too. Most people simply don’t like to expose missing teeth when smiling or talking and will often consider dental implants to solve this particular problem and associated issues caused by tooth loss. This article discusses a few facts people need to know about dental implants.

What causes tooth loss?

There are various factors, which cause tooth loss such as tooth decay, root canal failure, periodontitis and tooth injuries, to name but a few. Some of the degenerative conditions are the results of tooth enamel deterioration. The main causes of enamel breakdown are improper oral hygiene or certain eating habits. It’s very important to check teeth on a regular basis to identify the signs of decay as timely treatment may help avoid the need to replace natural teeth with man made alternatives.

How to prepare for dental implant placement?

The treatment starts with a thorough check as dentists need to determine whether implants are the right solution for their patient. In the course of the consultation a surgeon will examine a patient’s teeth, gums and bones. Patients are asked to undergo an X-ray scan which provides visual information of bone structure and helps the dental surgeon identify the exact place for the implant. After all the checks the most suitable implant type and treatment length can be determined, which varies in each particular case.

What are implants made of?

One of the major benefits of quality implants is that one can hardly tell them from natural teeth. They are made of high quality porcelain coloured like a natural tooth. The implant comes with a titanium post with a small screw to hold it in place. Nowadays porcelain implants can both look and feel like natural teeth and help preserve all the functions of the lost tooth. Thanks to advanced technologies, as many as 98% of patients can benefit from lifetime lasting implants.

What does the placement procedure involve?

The placement procedure consists of two stages: preparation of the jaw and the placement itself. To prepare the jaw for dental implants, a small hole is drilled for the titanium post which will hold the implant. Then the hole in the jaw should be widened to accommodate the implant screw. When the implant has been placed, the surrounding tissue is put over it and the implant is secured with the cover screw on top. After some time dentists uncover the implant and place a temporary crown on it which is later replaced with a permanent one.

How long does the recovery take?

In most cases patients don’t need to skip work after the treatment as the recovery is immediate. Normally the length of the recovery period depends on numerous factors, such as for example, surgical work involved. After the placement patients might experience minimal discomfort, which can be eliminated by medication.

When dental implants have been placed, patients need to take good care of them by cleaning them in the normal way like with like natural teeth.

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