Celebrate The Holidays With A Broad Smile

Gone are the days when cosmetic dentistry was the realm of celebrities. The growing popularity of the beauty business has made dental restorative services more affordable. Professional dentists employ a wide range of techniques for perfecting one’s teeth to help their patients to enjoy life with a broad smile. This article explores three common dental practices: teeth whitening, dental implants and braces.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is probably one of the easiest treatments patients undergo on the way to the ideal smile. It’s a non-invasive practice to reduce the signs of discoloration and make the colour of the teeth lighter. Enamel discoloration is caused by various factors and substances such as staining, smoking, chemical damage, certain medicines and drinks, to name but a few. Dedicated cosmetic dentists also emphasise that genetics may also be involved as some patients have naturally lighter teeth than others. Whatever the reason, there are effective ways to combat discoloration. Dentists use substances rich in hydrogen peroxide or carbemide peroxide in a glycerine base. Hydrogen peroxide is an acid with oxidant properties, which is added to tooth pastes and mouth washes. It’s a bleaching agent, which helps remove staining. Carbemide peroxide is the compound, which is used in tooth whitening formulae. The treatment process can involve from one to several visits depending on the teeth reaction to the treatment.

Dental implants

The dental implant is the permanent solution for tooth loss applied in cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants are artificial teeth serving as replacements for natural teeth lost due to injuries or periodontal problems. Nowadays dental implants are viewed as a tooth-saving alternative to bridges because neighbouring teeth are not involved. There are two common types of implants used by professional dentists: endosteal and subperiosteal. The former are surgically attached to the jawbone with special screws and blades. Subperiosteal implants are also called on-the-bone implants as they are placed on top of the jaw. They are used as a lost tooth replacement for patients with minimal bone height. The major benefit of this cosmetic dental treatment is implants look like natural teeth because they are made from quality porcelain coloured to the natural tooth colour.


Some people head to orthodontists for a slight smile fix with the help of braces. These are devices designed to straighten out-of-position teeth by pulling them in the right position. Regular braces are made of metal and attached to the teeth with wire. Yet, there are people who shy away from wearing conventional metal braces. The good news is that there is an alternative to conventional devices, which goes absolutely unnoticed. Invisible braces don’t affect one’s appearance as they are made of special clear plastic. In the course of treatment teeth are gradually moved to the required position without influencing the patient’s speech. Patients who prefer to attend social events without braces can also benefit from them as invisible positioners are removable.

Nowadays people are ready to pay for the ideal smile and teeth whitening; dental implants and braces are some of the options to improve one’s teeth before any important event.

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