The Key Benefits Of Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth which is anchored in the gum or jawbone replacing a missing tooth. Quality dental implants offered at modern dental practices are an easy way to replace missing teeth, which are essential for both your general wellbeing and appearance. They are ideal options for people who have lost one or more teeth because of injuries, periodontal diseases or other reasons.

Despite all the achievements in the sphere of dental care, a lot of people still suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. For many years bridges and dentures were the only treatments available, but today the situation has changed with the invention of implants, which are fixed replacement teeth created to match natural ones. The success rate of using implants varies, yet, with proper care, they may last a lifetime.

Better oral health. In comparison with conventional tooth-supported bridges, state-of-the-art dental implants don’t require altering and reducing adjacent teeth. As a result, these implants contribute to improved oral health. They also contribute to restoring the natural functions of the mouth without sacrificing comfort. When individual implants are used, they help improve oral hygiene by providing easy access between teeth. Besides, using these solutions helps solve the problem of irritated and painful gums and prevent progressive bone loss.

Improved comfort. Implants greatly contribute to overall comfort. Just like eating and speaking with several missing teeth can be a challenge, having removable dentures and bridges often causes great discomfort. However when it comes to properly fixed dental implants, they are designed to function just like natural teeth, offering comfort, convenience and security.

Speaking without restrictions. It’s a common fact that missing one tooth or several teeth may considerably influence the way a person speaks, causing embarrassment and discomfort. Ill-fitting dentures are not ideal solutions for regaining proper speech as they sometimes cause people to slur and mumble words. Implants, however, allow people to speak as if they had natural teeth, without discomfort and restrictions.

Improved appearance. As is mentioned above, implants look like natural teeth, so there is no better way to replace missing teeth and regain the beauty of your smile. And, the more natural and beautiful your teeth look, the better you feel about yourself too.

Durability and reliability of implants. Properly fixed implants are very durable and usually last for very long periods, as success rates prove. However, it’s important to remember about proper care to keep them durable and looking their best. Regular dental visits as well as constant oral care at home are essentials. Brushing and flossing of implants are also important.

As can be seen, these modern solutions to dental problems have lots of benefits in comparison with bridges and removable dentures. They provide comfort and look just like natural teeth, which improves self-esteem. Quality implants are also very reliable, with highly predictable success rates.

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