Discover The Secrets Of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many cosmetic dentistry techniques which allow improving various teeth imperfections. Whether you seek subtle improvement or major changes professional dentists can suggest the right treatment for you. The article provides an insight into the most popular options: dental implants, Inman aligners and veneers.

Dental implants are artificial teeth used as substitutes for damaged natural teeth which are implanted into special pre-drilled places in the patient’s jaw bone. The most common material for implants is titanium as it’s not rejected by the patient’s tissues. Though dental implants are available almost for everyone it’s crucial to carry out certain tests to assess whether the operation is right for the patient. First, dentists examine the patient’s gums to figure out if there is anything which may prevent this cosmetic dentistry operation. Depending on the results, the patient is appointed a treatment or proceeds to the X-ray stage. Further, dentists study the jaw anatomy to identify how drilling should be carried out. Those who worry about uncomfortable feelings which might be experienced during the operation can have complete peace of mind as it’s done under anaesthesia. Once the implant has been securely fixed in the jaw bone the integration process starts; this stage may last up to a few months. Dentists point out that dental implants not only help solve aesthetic issues but also prevent jaw bone atrophy and improve bone tissue growth. After this cosmetic dentistry procedure patients can eat any type of food even if it’s hard. Besides, there are no special hygiene requirements as dental implants need to be cleaned as natural teeth.

Some people feel uncomfortable about the position of their teeth. The good news for them is that now straight teeth can be achieved without braces. Inman aligners are orthodontic devices which are used to straighten the tooth position over a certain period of time. The device resembles braces and consists of a front metal bar which goes completely unnoticed and a spring which is placed at the lingual side. The bar causes the teeth to move in the desired position which may make patients feel uncomfortable at the initial stage of cosmetic dentistry treatment but later they get used to the device. The treatment length is varied from case to case and might take up to 6 months. Dentists point out that the more hours per day Inman aligners are worn the quicker one can achieve the desired result.

Teeth whitening is the treatment which restores the natural colour of teeth or makes them whiter. Depending on the level of teeth discolouration the procedure can involve laser tooth whitening or may impose wearing veneers. Laser whitening is carried out with special gel and doesn’t take more than two hours. The issue of stained teeth can also be solved with the help of veneers. Usually they are made of porcelain which resembles the natural look of teeth. Porcelain is popularly used because of its durability: porcelain veneers can last up to 10 years.

Dental implants, Inman aligners and veneers are the top secrets of cosmetic dentistry professionals who help people eliminate various teeth imperfections.

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