Get Your Smile Back With Dental Implants

It’s difficult to imagine that at one point in life you managed fine without teeth. But then you were a newborn. Today as an adult you’ve got years invested in your dazzling smile. Teeth are considered critical components of your good health and looks and are some of the strongest parts of your body. So how best can you get your pearly whites back if you happen to have broken or are missing teeth? By choosing to replace them with high quality dental implants.

What is an implant?
Specialists in restoration of teeth consider them one of the greatest advances in dentistry in the 20th century. Implants are small titanium screws which a qualified dentist gently places in the jaw to replace a removed root. The success of dental implants partly depends on damaging the bone of the jaw as little as possible during the extraction of a stump. It leaves an oval hole yet an implant is round, so drilling a hole in the jaw without causing too much damage to the bone accounts for another part of success. Then a post is screwed into that hole to provide permanent support for a crown, bridge or dentures. Though it might seem to be painful, patients don’t usually experience much discomfort during implant replacement.

When was it invented?
Back in the 1950s it was discovered that implanted titanium screws bonded irreversibly and without rejection with living bone tissue. Yet the process hadn’t been widely used until the 1980s when a paper covering all the data collected on dental implants for over 30 years was published. By that time titanium had been successfully used in knee and hip replacements. Since the Eighties dental implants have been catching on as the preferred and most effective method of tooth replacement.

Why is it popular?
In many cases, specialists in oral surgery suggest restoring your smile with implants and there are a few reasons for that. They have become one of the most suitable solutions offered to innumerable patients who want to have their teeth back after an accident or disease because they look, feel and function identically to natural teeth. Dental implants offer strength, reliability and durability and normally last a lifetime. Unlike dentures and other means of tooth replacement, they minimise the risk of developing gum irritation, pressure points and speech and taste impairments. They provide a perfect fit so you can avoid the discomfort of dentures. It can be a single-tooth implant or they can be used to replace several teeth and badly fitting crowns and bridges. If you have dentures, then as few as two implants are needed to anchor dentures permanently.

For centuries, people have been trying to come up with a good way to replace missing teeth. Today tooth loss is no longer a problem. Improved products for keeping teeth and gums healthy, regular dental checkups and major breakthroughs in dentistry have all made it possible for about 70 per cent of adults to expect to enter their later years with all or most of their teeth intact. Even if something happens, you can now have them easily restored with dental implants and keep on showing off your dazzling smile and spoiling yourself with an ear of corn.

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