Achieve A Perfect Smile – Every Day!

Many people long for the perfect smile – beautifully white teeth, evenly spaced and smoothly fitting together can transform your face and give you bags more confidence. However, the reality is that most people have some imperfections in their natural teeth – this may be irregularities in the size and shape of your teeth, or in the surface of the tooth, or your teeth may be discoloured, perhaps from smoking.

Whilst there are many toothpastes out there on the market that promise to offer whiter teeth, there is only really one way to guarantee a long term perfect smile – dental veneers.

Dental veneers give you the chance to create a perfect smile, and they are a permanent method of whitening and evening out the teeth to get the look you want. They work by fitting onto your existing teeth – much like a false fingernail fits onto the existing nail. In order for dental veneers to be fitted properly, the existing teeth need to be of good quality – veneers are attached simply with a very strong bonding solution (a bit like superglue), but a dentist specialising in cosmetic dentistry will be able to assess your teeth and tell you if they are appropriate for holding veneers.

Dental veneers are made of porcelain, which is similar in colour to natural teeth, making it ideal for cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain is available in lots of different shades of white, so you can find the perfect colour you want. Not everybody is after a Hollywood megawatt smile! You can speak to your dentist and find the colour to suit you and your style. Your dentist can then make a mould of your teeth, which will be necessary to pass onto the dental lab that will create your veneers for you. This means that dental veneers are created specifically for each individual, to match the shape and colour that you are after.

Dental veneers are a great way to brighten your smile, so if you are considering having cosmetic dental treatment, you should do some research first. Have a look through magazines or online, to find pictures of the kind of smile you’d ideally like. Try and identify if it’s the shape of your teeth that you want to change, or the colour – or both! Having a good idea in your head of what you want will help your dentist to work with you, to achieve the smile that you desire.

Finding a dentist is another important step – look online for dentists in your local area, and go for practices that have experienced dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Look for informative and professional websites, with lots of information for you to read through. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the dentist you choose – you will need to trust them and be able to express to them exactly what you are after, so that you can work together to give you the smile (and the confidence) that you’re after.

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