Understanding Why Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry May Be Needed

Many people find themselves in a position where they require cosmetic dental treatment, often as a result of illness, infection or an accident. Teeth can become cracked or damaged, alignment may be affected, and in some cases teeth may fall out (or be knocked out) altogether. cosmetic dental treatment can help in many different cases and a good dental practice should be able to offer a range of treatments to help you get your natural smile back again.

If you have lost a tooth (or a couple of teeth), or have severely damaged a tooth you may want to consider cosmetic dental treatment in the form of dental implants or a bridge. Both of these require strong and healthy bones underneath the existing gums; dental implants are fixed securely into the gum and bone with a small screw and titanium post. Dental bridges are fixed onto the teeth at each side of the gap left by the missing tooth, either by applying crowns or an adhesive to the backs of the teeth. Of course, teeth must be strong enough to withstand this procedure so you will need to get your dentist to check the health of your gums and bone structure before you are able to have this kind of procedure.

Many adults seek cosmetic dental treatment to correct overcrowded teeth, gaps in the teeth and general alignment. The best way to correct these problems is by using braces – however the very thought of wearing braces can make some adults and teenagers shudder! Braces are often seen as a need of children exclusively, but invisible braces are perfect for busy adults who want to perfect their smile. These braces fit over your teeth and are made from a clear material to allow you to speak and smile as usual, whilst the positioning of your teeth is gradually altered. Invisible braces are easily removable if you have a big night out or important meeting coming up – you can simply slip them off and back on again afterwards. By changing the braces that you are wearing every two weeks, the shape of your teeth will gradually change with little or no pain or discomfort at all.

Straightening front teeth is another cosmetic dental treatment that can be done simply and quickly thanks to new orthodontic advances. A device known as the Inman Aligner can fit behind crowded teeth and applies gentle pressure to move teeth much quicker than previous methods. This has the advantage of preserving the health of your existing teeth – older methods of aligning teeth were often damaging or destructive and required crowns or veneers to reconstruct the natural look of the teeth.
cosmetic dental treatment is a great way to repair your teeth and help to give you your natural smile back again. Damaged or missing teeth can often make you feel self conscious, particularly if you work in the public sector or face-to-face with clients. Dental treatments can help you to reconstruct your smile and give you back your confidence, as well as ensuring that your existing teeth are healthy and strong.

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