Why Choose Dental Implants?

The Natural Look

Dental implants can be used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth (or teeth), and are often used to replace teeth that need to be extracted. Many people are concerned about how these implants will look once they have been put in – but modern dentistry can prove aesthetically excellent, and dental implants are made from high quality porcelain which is coloured to the natural shade of teeth. This means that dental implants look almost identical to real teeth, and once it is implanted it will not stand out noticeably from your real teeth.
Quick and Simple

Many people are put off going to the dentist by the thought of stressful procedures – luckily, having dental implants is not usually one of these! A single tooth implant can be completed within an hour, and if you need to have more than one dental implant, it shouldn’t take any longer than about three hours. You can even have them put in straight away after a tooth extraction. This is great if don’t like the thought of going about your daily life without a tooth whilst you wait for dental implants. The tooth to be extracted can be taken out and dental implants put straight in, so you walk in and out of the dentists with a full set of teeth. The procedure is not painful, and only some minor swelling may occur after implants have been put in – this will go down in around three days. You should not normally have to take any time off work to have implants fitted, which is great for people with hectic jobs or busy family lives.

Dental implants are becoming a much more popular option than traditional dentures, as they are extremely secure once they have been fitted. They are anchored into the existing bone that sits under the gums, and held in place securely with a small screw and a titanium post that protrudes from the ‘tooth’ part of the implant. This means that they cannot slip and slide or become loose or wobbly as dentures can which is a huge benefit and aids your comfort after implantation. This is often particularly important to younger patients or those with a very active lifestyle such as caring for young children or partaking in active or contact sports. The security that implants can provide can give you peace of mind and allow you to get on with your everyday life.

Any good dentist will understand that having teeth removed or implanted can be a big decision and experience, and you may be worried about the procedure or some of the finer details. Before you have dental implants you will need to attend consultation appointments to check your overall health and discuss your requirements. If you have any worries then bring them up at this stage. An experienced dentist will be able to answer all your questions and reassure you, and you should be able to enter the procedure feeling confident and looking forward to getting your natural smile back!

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